Intuitive eating and my life 😀

Soooo… here I am. Posting a blog post on my very own website. Here goes nothing. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have wanted to be a dietitian since I was in 11th grade. Most of my friends in high school were extremely obsessive about dieting, weight loss and their bodies. I didn’t grow up in a house like this. I’m one of nine and I always say “my Mom didn’t have time to make sure we ate healthy, she just made sure we ate.” But when I got to high school, I quickly learned all the latest dieting and weight loss fads. I tried south beach first, and I lost weight and was proud of myself, only to find myself stuffing my face with pizza and Chinese food the second I let myself take one bite. “What is wrong with me,” I thought. “Why can’t I control myself.” After trying a few dietings and failing miserable, I decided I would just try to eat less. A lot less. Food rules took over my mind. No eating until 12:00pm and nothing goes into my body past 8:00pm. I was starving, irritable, and having trouble concentrating in school, but man did I lose weight. And you know what I got for it. A lot of praise and attention from EVERYONE! It was the best feeling to be honest. I felt so good about myself. It wasn’t until I went away on a trip with two friends in 11th grade that someone saw something wrong with my eating. My friends confronted me and I was able to see how unhealthy my behaviors and thoughts had become. However, now I was stuck. How do I eat healthy without being crazy OCD obsessive about what I’m eating??? So this led me to read about actual nutrition and health and from their my passion for nutrition only grew. I told people “I want to be a nutritionist when I get older” not knowing any “nutritionists” and never even hearing the term “dietitian” used. To be continued …

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