Intuitive eating and my life

So I began to learn about nutrition in any way, shape or form I could as a 16 year old. I was always the person looking at nutrition labels and exercising whenever I was able to. I went away to seminary and kept up with my healthy habits. When I got back from seminary, I when to community college for a few years, switch to queens college to finally pick my major, to become a “nutritionist.” What I found out than was that a nutritionist didn’t really mean anything, and the only real credentialed profession is something called a dietitian. The head of the dietetics department at queens colleges told me that the major is extremely challenging, requiring 79 credits just in nutrition ( which is basically a double major) and to get your RD, you must match in a dietetic internship where only 50% or applicants get in. Not to mention you also need 6 sciences ( biology, microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry)… I’m like ummmm… I barely passed high school, not sure I can manage this major. So I actually went for exercise science. What I didn’t realize was that was also pretty grueling and I would still not have proper credentials. I just decided after a few rough semesters of not even taking credits that I needed in the end, to switch into the dietetic program and pray with all my heart that I would get into an internship. School was soooooo hard and overwhelming. I got pregnant with my first child when I still had a year and a half to go with my undergrad. I loved learning all about nutrition, health, biochemistry (my favorite), how your body digests protein, carbs, fats, creb cycle (‘major nutrition nerd). I put my heart and soul into school because it was my biggest dream and passion to teach other people about eating healthy and still enjoying what they ate, unlike depriving themselves like I had done in high school. I spent weeks applying to different internship programs, researching schools, prices, masters programs, etc. I finally ranked my schools and sent in my application. Waiting those 6 weeks or so we’re the scariest weeks ever. I would think to myself over and over again “I’m not going to get in, all my studying and hard work was for nothing.” To be continued …

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