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Ep. 42: How to process emotions without using food. Emotional Freedom Technique with Faigy Pollack.

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You cannot take away your behavior surrounding food without replacing it with something else.

People must learn different ways to cope. One way is using EFT- emotional freedom technique. Faigy is an EFT practitioner. Many people connect to this technique, however it doesn’t work for everyone. EFT helps us go deep but in a very safe environment. EFT is about toning the nervous system to allow us deeper access to our consciousness. Most of what goes on inside us goes on deep down and we don’t generally have access to this. EFT helps calm down the nervous system and the brain waves and allows the deepest parts of ourselves to emerge with access to that information. Once we have access to that information, we can make new healthy connections and clear the old ones. We can’t change what was but we can change the connections in our brain. In EFT, we use different tapping points and you can see which one works best for you. 


Let’s say there is a client who hates her body, hates being intimate with her husband and feels like they can’t stop eating.

She wants to be able to look in the mirror and instead of feeling disgust, she wants to accept her body and what it’s done for her. Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking in the mirror. When this client looks in the mirror, she sees her stomach which causes shame. It represents weakness and failure. Tap at the side of your hand and say “Even though I’m feeling all this shame as I stand at the mirror looking at myself, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.” The client expresses a level of resistance while saying this. Now move on to tapping different places in the body. While tapping the top of the head, side of the nose, eyebrow, and underneath the eye say “all this shame”. Tap under the nose and say “when I see my stomach.” Now tap under the chin and say “everything it represents about me.” Tap the collarbone and say “all the shame”, the side of the hand and say “so much shame”. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself looking in the mirror. The shame level has gone down. The client is still holding onto a little bit of shame because of the belief system she has about what a woman should look like. It makes her feel angry that she has subscribed to a belief system that doesn’t feel good. She is angry at herself. Do the tapping while accepting your anger and feelings towards your beliefs. The anger and shame levels go down. When you look in the mirror, she now feels neutral towards her stomach. 

Place your hands over your stomach and think about what you’re grateful for about it.

It has helped me birth children and do beautiful things. It has helped the client have beautiful, healthy children. Any extra fat or extra muscle is okay, I just want to be healthy to serve Hashem. It doesn’t need to be thin to achieve this goal. Let go of what I’ve thought until now and feel that calm. This client now wants to go tell herself in the mirror to go focus on more important things. There is too much focus on how the stomach looks than on what the stomach is and what it has done for her. 


Faigy Pollock Is the creator of “Unblock Your Way to Oneness”, a comprehensive course on the Torah’s perspective of marital intimacy and practical application of that knowledge. Faigy is a certified EFT practitioner and acclaimed kallah teacher. Through her work in EFT Faigy has helped hundreds of women overcome hardships in their marriages with her unique approach to marital intimacy. As a kallah teacher she has prepared many young women for a happy and fulfilling life with their husbands to be. I personally took Faigy’s class, and was blown away. I also have “tapped” into the power of EFT (pun intended). This is a powerful tool to work through your emotions. I think you will thoroughly enjoy this episode! I know I did!
Email Faigy: [email protected] to learn more about the course. or click this link!
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Gila Glassberg is a Master's level registered dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. As a teenager, she was faced with constant diet talk, body shaming and obsessive guilt around food. She struggled with disordered eating. This is what propelled her into the field of nutrition. She uses a non-diet, weight-neutral approach called Intuitive Eating. She helps growth oriented women break out of chronic dieting, and regain clarity into what is really important to them.

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