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Francisca Kosman is the founder of Kay Productions and a Jewish orthodox Art-Preneur.

Podcat Episode with Franciska Kosman

Francisca Kosman is the founder of Kay Productions and a Jewish orthodox Art-Preneur. She started her career as a singer and composer and became an international artist and performer, having released over 60 singles.

After that, she moved on to launch Kay productions, which offers a unique combination of services, from content development to producing, marketing, and-most importantly-ways to make an impact with a message worth sharing.

Francisca grew up in Moscow, Russia, where her musical journey started.

She started piano lessons in a music school at the age of 6 and added guitar lessons at the age of 12. She had exams and recitals two-four times a year. Additionally, from the age of 7 or 8, she participated in the singing, dancing, and performing offered in her school. They released albums and performed nationally and internationally. Russia emphasizes the discipline of doing something extracurricular and focusing on it fully. Francisca really enjoyed participating in the extracurricular offered in the realm of music.

After school, Francisca went to seminary in Israel and then to America for college.

Although she loved music, she did not want to pursue it as a professional career because she did not want to teach. Teaching is the obvious job since performances are not an option for female observant Jews. So, she majored in business and marketing instead.

But music was always a part of her life. Already in Moscow, she started producing her own music.

She used the money earned from giving music lessons to use her school’s studio, to work on her own songs. She continued producing her own music in Israel and in the states. Eventually, she was able to transition to doing it on her own.

Like with everything in life, you can’t make everyone happy. Francisca was mostly welcomed with open arms by those that matter most. However, she did have some pushback for some of her music videos on how people were dressed or the dance moves.

Francisca strongly feels that there is more than one way to be a tznius Jewish frum woman. Contrary to popular belief, women in Tanach and throughout our history, were not hiding in the kitchen. They were the ones fighting, they were the ones out there being powerful and empowering other women. So much of our history ends up with woman who save the day, like in the story of Purim and Chanukah.  If women don’t sing about them, who will? The men definitely won’t be singing about them!

This is what Francisca’s music presents. Some women enjoy being in the kitchen and behind the scenes, while others prefer to be out there and in the spotlight. There is no right or wrong. We each have our own struggles and strengths.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to figure out how and when we are energized because this is what is important for our kids to see. If we try to change our nature to fit what a mother is supposed to be, our children will pick up on that. On the other hand, if your child sees that you are energized and passionate, they will grow up knowing you have things that are important to you instead of trying to fit a profile and never feel alive.

This is a great segue into why Francisca started her podcast.

After releasing her Shiru and Ata Takum music video, which was thousands of dollars, it hit her that she won’t get what she wants out of her music the way she is going now because the Jewish female market is not giving her what she wants in terms of reception, viewership, and interest. Her dear friend and mentor, Rivka Harris, suggested she start a podcast. At that point, Francisca was done with investing in music since she was losing money from it. So, she started a podcast as a way to interview other women in the music and entertainment industry to hear about their journey and what their struggles were. She assumed everyone posting on Instagram was financially successful. These interviews opened her eyes. She learned that most women were doing this out of passion. Many were also not making money from their music videos per se and were frustrated about this.

Over the years due to the podcast, she built a community, audience, and market. Francisca pushed enough boundaries for people to put out music videos, get high-paying gigs.  And still be considered normal and not seen as something controversial or rebellious.

Francisca definitely feels like she participated in creating that sense of normalcy and acceptance around women putting out music. She started out with two interviews a month for two years and then upped it to every week. Then she added a series called no more silence-interviewing survivors of abuse. It is successful because she gives a voice to women who don’t have a voice in the Jewish orthodox community. Not only do the survivors benefit, the audience also benefits by raising awareness and providing education about it.  Especially for those who are raising kids. Then she started getting requests to talk about other topics as well and it became a platform for people talk about things we don’t have a space anywhere else to talk about it.

The taboo series started because of a combination of desire and events in the Jewish community. Many of the topics are sensitive but Francisca has a personality that people are comfortable sharing with her without feeling uncomfortable.

Her podcast is a combination of passion and work. Once it’s off-balance she has to pivot a little and tune into whatever is flowing into her space. She is still open to interviewing people in the music industry, but it is difficult to pin them down.  However, the podcast did help her build relationships which is very valuable in this industry, and it positioned her in the market. Francisca goes with the flow for the content of her podcast these days. She keeps her ears open if something is happening in the world, she takes it as a cue to talk more about it in depth.

The next part of the interview transitioned into Francisca’s relationship with food. She always had a complicated relationship with food, and it is something she still struggles with and is working on.

Her earliest memory of food is in middle school when she wouldn’t eat the school lunch. Instead, she ran the canteen during lunch and ended up usually eating chocolate for lunch. Her food wasn’t a priority because it was always hard for her to decide what to eat when it was time to eat. She had a lot of regret about her choices, not necessarily calorie-based, but her experience wasn’t as enjoyable as she wanted it to be. Very often, food was a big letdown.

After a lot of therapy and thinking, she realized that she used food as a tool to take as much control as she can over her life.

Francisca turned to food when she was overwhelmed to help her feel in control. Whereas in other areas of her life, she was able to let go of expectations and perfection.

Today, she still struggles with her relationship with food. She experiences ARFID- when someone has many aversions to food, due to its texture, taste, appearance, or smell.

It is easier for Francisca to eat food that other people prepared because she does not know how it was prepared. She is frustrated about the self-judgment she has for herself-I am an adult, why can’t I figure this out? But she is also aware that understanding it, acknowledging it, and having compassion for herself are important to take into consideration in her relationship with food.

Francisca currently provides services through Kay productions and welcomes people on her podcast who are interested in a platform to share their voice.

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