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Get Intuit with Gila: Rivky Itzkowitz

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Today on Get Intuit with Gila, Gila sits down with Rivky Itzkowitz.

“The space in your brain is very valuable. If your taking up space you better be paying rent, if not get out.”

My interview with Rivky Itzkowitz takes a lot of different spins. To start Rivky is a 25 year old Fashion Designer based out of NYC. She designs modest special occasion wear from sizes 2 to 24. She is also a practicing Orthodoz Jew.

I wanted to find out more about Rivky and how she was able to reach the point where she is today.

As a child Rivky was bullied, but who knew that being bullied would make her the person that she is in this present day.  She was bullied for being overweight and being smarter than everyone else. But Rivky didn’t let any of that get to her, for her what she was bullied for she called her superpowers. “People make fun if the things that make you different and those things are your superpowers”. Bullies are pointing out what you have that they don’t.

Rivky explained that she always had a strong back-bone and she just feels like it was a trait that she was born with and that is what helped her to overcome the bullying. She was always confident in herself and she was also very stubborn (naturally stubborn). “ I am stubborn if you tell me I can’t do something I’m going to do it”. Rivky was built tough , she never cared about others opinions about her. The only people that mattered to her were the people that were close in her life.

Rivky Itzkowitz had a very good support system and her parents were there for her as she experienced being bullied.

I asked Rivky to walk me through how her superpowers turned into a fashion business. She explained that she would paint, draw, and knit in her free time because she didn’t have to study as hard as her other classmates did so she had a lot of free time. Her grandmother shared the skill of learning how to knit and sew. She started sewing at 10 years and from then she knew this would be her lifelong goal. She also watched Youtube videos to get more practice and to craft her skills. When she got to college she began sewing custom gowns and dresses and she was working so hard to the point that she was barely functioning.  Then in the summer of 2016 she started Impact Fashion. Her sister and her cousin helped her to come up with the name.

Her goal for her was to create high quality pieces and also to offer a variety of sizes.

Rivky used herself as the model to sell to clients so her pieces would be a size 10 when she modeled them. Rivky explained that a lot of companies that design clothes tend to cut their sizes differently so you may be one size in a different piece compared to other pieces you have. Her goal was to have her gowns true to size. Rivky is doing a number of things including recently starting her podcast Be Impactful . Rivky started this podcast because she wanted to be able to share with everyone the amazing people that she meets and comes across and people that she calls friends. She wants people to hear the experiences of others realize we have a lot in common with people. “We are all just doing our best to do our best”.

Connect With Rivky:
Podcast: Be Impactful


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