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Shifra Rabinowitz- Mental Health Counselor – Helping People Become the Best Version of Themselves

New Podcast Episode Shifra Rabinowitz- Mental Health Counselor - Helping People Become the Best Version of Themselves

Shifra lives in Philadelphia and works as a mental health counselor.

She has a private practice in Philadelphia, but also works remotely in New York. Shifra specializes in maternal mental health such as stillborn, miscarriages, anxiety, and depression.. She also helps people suffering from insomnia using different holistic strategies. Shifra finds herself coming back to working with women looking for change, inspiration and motivation. She gravitates towards this work with women and helping people become the best versions of themselves.


Shifra got her undergraduate degree in psychology.

After completing undergrad, she was accepted into a graduate school right near her house and completed her masters degree. The field of psychology felt intuitive to her, but she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her degree. After completing school, Shifra began running a shelter for teens at risk. She had to use her coaching and mentoring skills and fell in love with the work she was doing. She learned that the addiction the teenagers were suffering from had to be dealt with by understanding the person as they are and seeing how they will be in the future. 


In high school, Shifra was always reading. She read many books about the media’s impact on women and eating disorders.

Shifra read many books about eating and what’s put into food to make us addicted to it. She had a framework regarding food and in the last few years has learned about intuitive eating. Shifra wanted to help women deal with diet culture and the negative effects it has. All her life, she was internalizing the messages from the media regarding what beauty looks like and intuitive eating helped everything click into place. Shifra realized that everyone struggles with these issues.


Shifra was reading a book describing the relationship people have with G-d and food and the way it ties in with women.

Most people listen to their tongues instead of listening to their stomachs. Your mouth tells you to eat more but your stomach tells you it’s full, and this can have a huge impact on eating. Intuitive eating is all about keeping yourself motivated and moving forward. You can’t blame yourself and feel shame every time you fall! You can either do fun things with your life or you can think about food all the time. Shifra wants to enjoy life and focus on other things instead of focusing on how she always looks. Shifra tried using division of responsibility and intuitive eating with her 2 year old daughter. She put dessert on her daughter’s plate with her food and she saw her daughter reach for the dessert, put it down and then go for healthy food. 


Coming from a culture where women aren’t used to intimacy and knowing their bodies, food and body issues come up frequently.

However you enjoy learning and getting information, that’s okay. Some people enjoy reading, some enjoy audiobooks and some enjoy receiving information in session. 


Intuitive eating has given Shifra a new framework to the voices in her head.

We’re much harsher on ourselves than we are towards other people. Learning to reframe the voice in your head becomes a much more gentle approach. Becoming less harsh with yourself regarding eating, spills into other areas of life. The intuitive eating mindset spills over into other areas of life that are difficult. When a person begins to change one habit, it spills into other habits. 


Many Jewish couples are dealing with issues in infertility and mental health.

Women are so strong and fragile at the same time. Women are given so many struggles to deal with and the way we deal with it is insane. Part of our strength is acknowledging when something is too much for you because not being able to do something is okay. Strong is the capacity to sit with difficult emotions and live with unimaginable pain. Strong doesn’t mean the capacity to do and do but it means the capacity to live with huge challenges. Part of life is failure and fixing. The only time you only mess up is when you give up for good. We need to sit in our feelings and then move past them. 

Shifra Rabinowitz is committed to providing quality mental health care and support for individuals and families navigating the challenges of fertility and family. She is passionate about empowering women throughout the lifespan, and is experienced in working with women of many backgrounds. Shifra has a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and is trained in maternal mental health.

Shifra can be reached at [email protected].


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-Gila Glassberg, MS, RDN, CDN, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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Gila Glassberg, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, holding an inclusive variety of foods

Gila Glassberg is a Master's level registered dietitian and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. As a teenager, she was faced with constant diet talk, body shaming and obsessive guilt around food. She struggled with disordered eating. This is what propelled her into the field of nutrition. She uses a non-diet, weight-neutral approach called Intuitive Eating. She helps growth oriented women break out of chronic dieting, and regain clarity into what is really important to them.

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