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Hi, I'm Gila Glassberg, please enjoy this free teaching of

Shulamith Self Care

I'm a registered dietitian and a certified intuitive eating counselor.  I help women heal their relationship with food.

You might be thinking, what is your relationship with food has to do with self-care?

There are two reasons why our, our lack of self-care could affect the way that we're eating.

First of all, there's a huge overlap between how we care for ourselves and how we eat. If we're not getting pleasure or filled up from doing things that we really enjoy, food becomes the only source of pleasure in our lives.

Secondly, overheating or an unhealthy relationship with food brings about guilt and shame.  These feelings have no place at our dinner tables or in our families.  Overcoming them is vital to our wellbeing.


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In this recording, I walk you through a few tools that will help you be more mindful of your relationship with food and the pleasure we derive from it.  I hope you enjoy.


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"Can your emotions, get you in MOTION," Take inspired action. You choose how your life looks and if you are bogged down with negative body image, you can't live your best life."