Can your emotions, get you in MOTION?

I want you to take inspired action.
You can choose how your life looks and if you are bogged down with negative body image, you can't live your best life.

Gila Glassberg

My Approach

Our journey of life is filled with opportunities to grow. We can grow our minds, our dreams and this can all stem from healing our relationship with food. From the time a baby is conceived, they have a deep connection to the food that nourishes them because this is their lifeline. This provides life, love, comfort, joy and it is a vital way to care for oneself. Diet culture can steal all of those pleasurable qualities of food - it can steal your time, money and energy. You don't deserve that. You deserve to have a life filled with joy and pleasure. Let's do a deep dive into your relationship with food and your body from a young age and realize how it has impacted the rest of your life. Once we explore this complicated relationship, we learn how to speak to ourselves kinder, care for ourselves, see past our limiting beliefs, and embrace what life has to offer us.

Whether it is self-care or figuring out what to eat, our experiences and the things we are exposed to begin to shape the way we conduct ourselves. The fact is our culture is filled with external voices that want to tell us how to live our lives, what is healthy, what to eat, what not to eat and how to view ourselves. 

This can distort or block our ability to work with our body's design to innately know how to care for ourselves.

It is my goal to restore the importance of listening to body queues, addressing barriers and mistruths, taking care of self, and understanding the impact of our relationship with food. When we nourish ourselves with not only the foods our bodies need but also the peace our souls need we find a more fulfilling, joyful life.

Food should never be stressful — it is a natural thing. Weight worries, food confusions, meal stresses can be addressed by learning the keys to embracing the natural way of doing things. Once you are ready, meal planning can be a form of self care in order to feel less stressed about what to eat. This is flexible and light, not like the oppression of a strict diet. I want to help you to stop fighting food, your body and yourself. It is not about having more willpower, more rules or more self punishment. Let me show you how to get back to the original, beautiful design, so you can be, and enjoy, the best you!

Gila Glassberg,MS, RD, CDN

How my approach is different:

Proven techniques to understand and remove blocks and food confusions.

Insights and methology that helps you reactivate your intuition to care for you.

Powerful tools and resources to take the stress out of healthful living.

Lifestyle changes and new ways of thinking are most feasible when you have the right support, guidance and accountability.


My Background & Experience

Gila Glassberg
My name is Gila Glassberg and I am a registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor.

My nutrition story began at the age of 15. I was desperate to lose weight and tried everything to no avail. I came to a point where I ate very little which took some weight off more easily, but I was then left with obsessive food thoughts and body hatred. I realized that this approach was not health and nutrition, it was disordered eating accompanied with limited beliefs. From that day on, I found my passion for building a healthy relationship with my body and food.

Today, I help other women like myself reclaim the joy in eating and learn to respect and appreciate their bodies. 

Education and Trainings

  • MS, RDN, CDN, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • Bachelor of Science, Queens College, NY
  • Masters of Science, Lehman College, NY
  • Certification, Intuitive Eating
  • Intensive, Eating Disorders

Other Experience

With 4 years of nursing home experience, I have the clinical expertise of nutrition - analyzing lab values, calculating tube feeding formularies and learning to be empathetic and listening ear for those struggling.