Certified Intuitive Eating Counseling with Gila Glassberg

"Intuitive Eating is a self care model which puts YOU front and center. You are the only expert of your body. I will help you see the power of loving yourself and how it gives you the motivation to grow."

Unravel thoughts and understandings that may be blocking you.
Reactivate your intuition to care for you.
Find tools and resources to take the stress out of healthful living.
Embrace the support and guidance you need for your journey to willfulness.

Packages include:

Level 1

2 private coaching calls per month ( x 3 months)  with a check in form for accountability.

Level 2 

4 private coaching calls per month (x 3 months) with a check in form for accountability.

Both Levels Include:

  • Virtual and phone appointments available
  • Access to me via email or text between appointments
  • Helpful resources sent out between sessions
Tools and resources:
  • Journeling exercises
  • Recordings
  • Meal planning resources
  • My very own Intuitive Eating Workbook

Private sessions learning objectives

  •  Understand and address your diet history — how you were raised around food, the food attitudes in your house, the messages you have internalized.
  • Discuss the harmful side effects of diet culture — the collective diet culture of society and your specific diet culture from your home.
  • Learn about physical signs and symptoms of hunger/fullness and your specific food satisfactions.
  • Discover self care techniques that support a good relationship with food, your body and self.
  • Challenge the food police and learn to cope with your emotions without using food.
  • Improve joyful movement and gentle nutrition skills as an excellent form of self care.
  • Simplify meal planning to restore joy of food.

Group Counseling!

12-Week Reset includes:

$297 a month x 3 month for 60-min Zoom group meetings and access to me via emai/whatsapp between calls. Plus access to my exclusive whatsapp group.


  • Virtual and phone appointments available
  • Access to me via email between appointments
  • Options for ongoing support will be discussed
Tools and resources:
  • Journeling exercises
  • Recordings
  • Meal planning resources
  • My very own Intuitive Eating Workbook

What You Will Get From Group Counseling:

Learn and implement the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating

Unpack  your own diet culture

Understand your own hunger/fullness cues through the Hunger/Fullness scale

Learn which foods TRULY satisfy you on all levels.

Learn the fundamentals of physical and emotional self care

Identify your own food police and develop other coping skills to deal with your emotions

Incorporate gentle nutrition and joyful movement into your daily living through foods and exercises that satisfy you physically and emotionally

Learn to appreciate and respect your body not just for how it looks but for how it serves you.

Reach a point of feeling peace around food

Gain support from like minded, growth oriented women and so much more! 

Lets GET INTUIT together!

I am recruiting now (March 9, 2024) for a new group.

Hours and Times TBD

Contact me to reserve your spot >>

Subscription Service:

If you'd like access to a private whatsapp chat, and 1 zoom call a month with Q and A, reach out to me here

Let me know how to join >>

Unsure if this is right for you? Contact me and we can chat.

Gila_Gila and plane

Ready to grow in your relationsship with food? LET'S GO!

In this course, I will walk you through all the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. You will also learn from other people's experiences who have taken this course. You will learn about your own diet culture history. You will uncover your own hunger/fullness/satisfaction cues. You will develop a self-care plan so you can stop using food as a form of self-care. You will understand how to make peace with food and practice rejecting diet culture actively. I can't wait to have you here!

I am available for speaking at conferences, seminars and community health events. I will help unravel the grip of negative food views that have been confused by past perspectives, diet culture and inadequate self care.
We are all on a journey of life. My approach focuses, not on correction, but rather growth.

Possible topics

  • Rejecting Diet Mentality
  • The Power of Positive Self-talk
  • Self Care — Creating Your Best Self

Why intuitive eating is the answer to healthy living

Discover balanced ways to think about food, your body and growth.

Why dieting doesn't work—physiology of the body, wrong thinking of control, willpower does not work to lose weight- the more you restrict a certain food or food group, the more the body will actually get you to crave or think about those foods and ultimately binge on them.

When we struggle with food it can be a symptom of losing sight with our bodies natural needs.
  • Nutrition starts with your thoughts.
  • Self care is key
  • Intuitive living skills goes way beyond eating
  • The power of honoring self
  • Growth — embrace change, become more of you. Things that scare us are often things that push us to see what else we got. And every human has got a lot to offer this world.
  • To help others we must first care for self. —the best self.
I love to understand what makes people tick to ultimately empower them with perspective. You have showed up here to do the work on yourself.

To learn about the deepest side of you.To feel no MOM guilt or shame about your eating, Or body, or anything. When we feel shame, we tend to continue to engage in the very behavior that makes us feel shame. You door need to have any shame in life.

Failure = data. When something doesn't go your way, what valuable skill, tool or insight did you gain.This is so powerful.This is a clue into what life wants out of you. We can get this together.

Unsure if this is right for you? Contact me and we can chat.

Insurance Options

I no longer accept insurance. I am happy to create a superbill (medical receipt) for you. You can submit this to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Contact your insurance company for more information.

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Self care tips and how intuitive eating is your healthy solution

Hear what fellow-freedom finders I have helped are saying:

"Gila is the opposite of a coach with an agenda- she is a skillful container for exploring feelings, thoughts and behaviors in a way that leads to true change and integration. While eating is only one aspect of life, I feel that my intuitive eating journey is helping me see, connect and be there for my body- and ultimately for myself. My work with Gila has opened up new channels of healing for me and I am so grateful."

MK, Brooklyn


"I recently completed the intuitive eating course with Gila and it has been truly eye opening. I have always struggled with my relationship with food and my body. I was constantly berating myself and I was on a steady diet of guilt and shame and I inevitably gave in to cravings. I had no awareness that this is what I do all day and night.

Through the course, I learned how to listen to my body's hunger and fullness cues, and how to honor my cravings without judgment. I also learned how to identify and challenge the negative thoughts and beliefs I have about food and my body.

Since completing the course, I feel more confident and at peace with myself. I no longer feel the need to constantly berate myself, and I am able to enjoy food without guilt or shame.

I can use the intuitive eating principles to connect to my body and to gain awareness as to what thought processes lead me to the dark abyss of endless negative food cycles.

Gila is a true empath and leads the workshops with compassion and professionalism. She helps the group participants connect to each other and the support I gained from other people sharing similar struggles helped me gain lots of new insights.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with food and their body."

Gitty E.

Gila’s intuitive Eating group really changed me for the better. It made me more aware of my body and my hunger and fullness cues. After so long of depriving myself of certain foods, I can now really be in tune with what I want and what I like. I can finally enjoy food again with confidence and skills that Gila has taught me.

Kate Fallas

"I thought I knew everything I needed to know about intuitive eating. I read the book, so what more was there to know?
 Then, when I was ready to sign up with Gila I realized that there were so little that I knew. Gila took me through the journey of getting to understand my relationship with food. My triggers and reactions. After a few sessions with Gila, and doing her group coaching I got to have a greater understanding of my relationship with food, make peace with my body, make peace with food and learn how to approach food from a loving place that is nurturing. I am so grateful that I gave myself this gift of intuitive eating."

Rachel Lebowitz, @rachelebowitz_myeoslife

Gila is perceptive, easy to understand, very practical, and non-judgmental. She has  taught me new perspectives and ideas which greatly enhanced my quality of life. I am so grateful to her. I highly recommend her to any woman who wants to improve her relationship with food and body image for herself and/or her family.

C.H., Monsey, NY

When I first came to Gila for help with my son, I was quite nervous. Gila put me at ease immediately, with her empathy and compassion. It was also evident that she was knowledgeable and experienced. My son, who I believe was 12 at the time, had put on some weight, and had developed a fatty liver. I was worried and scared for my son's health and his self image. I had taken him to a specialist, and my son and I were both very uncomfortable with his approach. Gila encouraged me to switch specialists. As a mother, being so emotionally involved, I would have never thought of this idea. Thankfully, we found another doctor, who's approach was very similar to Gila's balanced approach. Gila was so helpful with menu options, meal ideas, recipes, and recommended products. B'H" my son's liver was scanned on February 2, 2022,  and was clear of any fat or tissue scarring. This was right before my son's 15th birthday. I am eternally grateful to Gila for all of her caring, concern, and support during this trying time. 

K. B. Far Rockaway

I participated in Gila Glassberg’s Food Freedom course. Gila did a wonderful job explaining the 10 principles of IE. The course was informative and provided me with many tools to use at my own pace when I feel I’m ready to move from one principal to the next. During the course I was able to get support from the other participants and give support when needed. It felt so good to know that my struggles are not unique. I learned how to have compassion for myself because that is what I was giving to the other participants. Gila was available to address concerns we had as a group and personal issues we were each struggling with at the time. I highly recommend working with Gila or taking a course with her. She helps you understand the steps towards finding food freedom while also focusing on you as a whole person.


C.C. Los Angeles

I genuinely enjoyed Gila’s intuitive eating workshop.  I have struggled with accepting my weight and parts of myself throughout my life and thought that joining this workshop would help me work on accepting my body and making peace with food.  I am so happy and proud to say that this workshop has provided me with everything I hoped and more. This deep and transformative experience has helped me make peace with food and my eating habits, accept myself, and be compassionate to myself.  I am so excited to continue using all the tools, methods and handouts Gila gave me to continue my journey on intuitive eating, self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Danielle Z

I really enjoyed my one on one work with Gila. She was able to create a safe space for me where I felt I could share my feelings without any judgement.  She is a great listener with a lot of empathy. She also shared many tools I use to incorporate positive reinforcement into my life. 


I learnt so much from working with Gila and attending Gila’s course.  From listening to my bodies cues, processing emotions, and using tools to avoid bingeing. I’m still on my journey to learn how to eat the right way for my body and I feel Gila is helping me get there. Thank you Gila for your warmth, dedication, and understanding.


 "Besides for Gila being an excellent dietitian, she is also an exceedingly kind hearted person. Her ability to empathize and accept each person as they are makes the healing process much easier and doable . Relearning to love yourself, takes a lot. And If you are looking for a passionate, warm person to help you through that journey , Gila is your girl."


​"Before working with Gila, I beat myself up constantly about what I ate and what I didn’t eat. Food and diet was a vicious cycle. Today, I feel better about myself. While I realize that I am a work in progress, I have a much healthier attitude towards food and life. I have learned how to listen to my body and internal cues in terms of when I am full and when I am just looking for a distraction or emotionally eating. 

Thank you Gila for opening my eyes, heart, head (and stomach) to intuitive eating and intuition in general. It makes a world of a difference every moment."

Julie F.

​"Working with Gila has been a pleasure! She has changed my relationship with food and my relationship with myself. I used to believe in so many different diets but through IE I learned a whole new approach that makes much more sense. I have made a commitment not to beat myself up if I have a treat and to better understand and listen to my body’s signals instead. I am much more aware of my surroundings (not just my food) thanks to IE and it makes life richer! Thank you Gila for bringing so much positivity into my life!"

A.S. Woodmere, New York

"Gila created an open, warm, and safe environment where women could feel free to express with honesty their relationship with food. She deeply listened and provided feedback in an non intrusive, non pressurized way which enabled each person to believe in the possibility to change. Gila presents a philosophy and lifestyle that is so critical to women of all ages in our present day to know about- it can help heal us in all ways."


"Gila was very helpful in teaching me how to apply the principles of intuitive eating to my unique life circumstances (shabbos, kashrus, pregnancy, etc.). I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to figure out how intuitive eating can be a part of their lives, and would like someone who understands the frum lifestyle to guide them."


"I have personally attended 3 of Gila Glassberg’s intuitive eating workshops and each one of them was an amazing opportunity to share with other like-minded women ideas about getting out of the diet mentality and really tapping into our bodies intuitive understanding of what it needs for nourishment. Gila’s classes are well organized and she shares personal anecdotes that allowed me to feel connected to her growth process, and to empower me to make my own path in my own time. She is not pushy and she answers all questions and is so understanding and empathetic. Not to mention the delish refreshments she prepares!!! I would definitely continue to attend intuitive eating workshops, as well as continue to learn more about the foundation of the intuitive eating principles and how they pertain to my journey towards a healthier and happier me!!"

S.H., Far Rockaway, NY

 ​"As part of my undergraduate course on Eating Disorders, I thought it crucial to introduce the idea of intuitive eating to my students. Gila joined our class for the day and gave a great lecture on the nuts and bolts of intuitive eating. She explained what intuitive eating is and provided a clear outline of the principals of IE. The wealth of her knowledge was apparent as she answered questions from each student. It was a great addition to the class and we all learned a lot! Thank you Gila!"

Rachelle Heinemann, LMHC

"Working with Gila has been an empowering experience for me.  She helped me become aware of issues which have been causing my “disordered eating” for several years . Not only does she have a vast knowledge, but also provided me with many practical and easy to implement techniques in order  to change my mindset and habits. She brought to my attention the important role of self care and self worth  in creating a healthy lifestyle.  She maintained a high level of professionalism while being extremely relatable and easy to talk to . I highly recommend Gila to anyone looking to improve their quality of life. "


 My experience with Gila was awesome! Her succinct, clear guidance was exactly what I needed to help me properly regulate my eating habits. Gila was a wellspring of down to earth, practical tips and tricks. It was her influence which allowed me to seamlessly make and maintain dietary changes in my life. Gila is clearly a highly skilled professional who is well educated in her field. Gila even went beyond the call of duty to take extra steps to make the behavioral transitions easier for me, for example when she was in the store and saw a food product she thought would be good for me she picked it up for me.

Thank you Gila for walking me through the challenges of establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in such a devoted manner.

Elisheva, Woodmere NY

"The combination of following the Intuitive Eating principles and working with Gila was what I've been looking for after years of unsuccessful dieting. 

The advantage of this program over conventional diets is that conventional diets, even though initially you do lose weight, there's a flip side of becoming more obsessed with food and feeling more deprived (and more often than not gaining that weight back).

I found that working with Gila has helped my relationship with food become more healthy.

It was especially nice to work with someone who understands my lifestyle (children at home, Shabbos, Yom Tov and Kosher). I found that Gila was able to coach and connect to me even though our appointments were long distance."

Pessi, Montreal

I was hesitant at first about joining an intuitive eating workshop group, and being open and honest about my diet mentality, my eating habits and my struggles. I was blown away at the way that Gila was able to make everyone in the group feel at ease, open up and at the same time transmit a tremendous amount of information. Her sessions are thoughtful, well researched, innovative and integrative- bringing together not only aspects of nutrition but the psychology and emotions embedded in eating behaviors and how we view our bodies.  As the weeks went on I felt a connection to my fellow group members, wanting to share my victories and triumphs. Gila has a unique way of synthesizing science and psychology, bringing in real and relatable examples while keeping everyone motivated and excited about each topic. Her enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious. I highly recommend this six week course to every person, in every stage of life.

Yocheved Brody

I found the Intuitive Eating Course with Gila to be the beginning of a (hopefully) life-changing journey of introspection and self compassion with regards to the role of food in my life. It’s so much more profound than a diet and calories and numbers! It cuts to the core of who we are and how food and health fits into our general life’s goals and framework. Even though my long term goal in any eating program was to lose weight (who’s isn’t?!), I knew that without doing internal work first on the issues surrounding my non-optimal eating habits, any diet would be short-lived and short sighted! My “intuition” proved right.
Gila is so honest and so open, and the group immediately coalesced into a one of learning, sharing, and practicing better habits (both of thought and food!) together. Group members felt comfortable sharing their personal challenges, and Gila was a skilled, sincere and focused moderator who set a tone of relaxed professionalism. I greatly recommend this course as a foundational bedrock before trying any standard weight loss diet!

Anonymous, North Woodmere

The 4 week intuitive eating workshop with Gila Glassberg was a gift of an experience. Being able to talk with other women who are sharing the same struggles with diet culture and maintaining a healthy outlook on body image and nutrition was very liberating. The materials are extremely informative and Gila is extremely knowledgeable and able to lead the group with structure and at the same time give space for each group member to feel heard and validated. I would recommend this group to anyone who is ready to begin healing their relationship with food and working through the murky waters of diet culture.

Anonymous, Far Rockaway

I was hesitant to take Gila's course, not because I didnt believe in Intuitive eating but because I was scared. I knew the IE idea makes sense but I don't like what my body looks like at the moment and didn't want to get ride of the diet mentality just yet. Eventually, knowing that for my mental health I should- I signed up. Gila is an incredible source of knowledge on IE. Shes passionate about IE and about helping others. She makes it easy to open up because she's so non-judge mental and open herself! I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning about IE and hope it can be helpful by changing your whole life views about body and body image.

Kellie, West Hempstead

Taking the intuitive eating course with Gila has been a mind-altering experience. My relationship with food and dieting has been rocky for a long time. While it is still a work in progress, for the first time I feel hopeful and empowered to make real and positive changes with my lifestyle. Gila is knowledgeable and passionate about what she is doing, and her coaching is invaluable. She comes backed with lots of personal and professional experience as well as a good balance of scientific and anecdotal research. Her warm, supportive, and caring personality as well as her ability to help her clients find the just right challenge creates an open and growth-oriented environment within the group. Participating within a group setting created additional support while navigating the changes we were trying to make and was more empowering than I had anticipated. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to make peace with food and make healthier lifestyle choices.


Kayla W.

Working with Gila has been a huge form of self care for myself! I first met with Gila feeling ashamed of my eating habits and desperate - yet helpless - to change them. With her genuine listening, true compassion, fascinating insights and expert guidance, Gila has opened my eyes to a whole world of thoughts and emotions beneath the surface that have been wreaking havoc on my eating habits. Becoming aware of these thought patterns, and starting to break them, has affected real change in my eating - and in all areas of my life! Now I recognize that if my eating is spiraling out of control there’s actually something else going on, something deeper. I have become more accepting of myself and speak more kindly to myself. For me, this is huge! I can honestly say that working with Gila has been life changing for me, and I am so grateful to her for gently guiding me along this journey!

Y., New Jersey

Working with Gila has been the best thing that happened to me and my family. My children no longer sneak food, they no longer feel the need to finish all the pasta in the pot and we learned to have a neutral relationship with food. As far as myself, I've never felt so liberated. I've dieted my whole life, and for the first time, I'm able to live without dieting. I no longer have my pre-diet binges. I no longer have my "oops I broke my diet binge", and I no longer feel restricted. I'm finally learning to eat what my body actually needs, which is a lot less than what I was doing before.

C.H. Intuitive Eating Client

I’m at the pool at ladies night and only myself and the rebbetzin are wearing a bathing suit. I’m pushing myself to be brave and display body positivity by wearing a bathing suit. Thank you for enabling me to understand how important it is to think differently about my body type and by extension my family members’ body types. Thank you for enabling me to feel food freedom - that I’m not in constant competition with food and my body. I also really appreciate how you helped me feel more confident and in control about taking care of the various dietary needs in our family. Your recipe recommendations were especially helpful. Overall it was an incredibly positive experience - and the best part is that even though our sessions are over I know that I can reach out to you at any time for more questions that you’ll answer in such a timely way. Thank you!!

Anonymous, Cleveland OH

I worked one on one with Gila for over a year and the work that we did together has given me the tools to guide me during my Intuitive Eating journey. Gila always met me where I was emotionally and with tremendous compassion. Her supportive approach stems from a place of self care and self compassion. Even when I felt stuck she helped me to see even the smallest of changes I made from months earlier.

Estie, MD

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