Get INTUIT with Gila - The Personal Series

Get INTUIT with Gila - The Personal Series

Intuitive Eating has become a huge part of my life. It definitely changed the trajectory of my career path. I am a timid person. Self conscious about most things.

  I always wanted to be a business owner but probably not for the right reasons. As a kid, I never felt like I had enough. This isn’t to put my upbringing or my parents down, especially because so many of my siblings didn't feel this way. For whatever reason, that is how I felt. Probably a combination of things but nonetheless, that is how I felt.   

Many nights, I dreamed of being wealthy and being able to buy whatever I wanted but at the same time, if you knew me as a kid or teenager, you wouldn’t have seen that passion or vision at all.

I barely got by in school. I was branded as a stupid or slow kid. One of my friends Mom’s loved to tease me and call me a space cadet. I sort of just assumed that role as a child and it carried me into adulthood.   

Something changed in me when I got to seminary and I decided to take myself seriously.

I did well in my classes in Seminary so I continued to push myself in college. Let’s not forget that I didn’t even get into college but I went to community college for 2 years before transferring to a regular college (Queens College).   

Thankfully, I was able to get my degree but when I finally did start working, I was unhappy. So, so unhappy.

My dilemma was “can I accept this because most people don’t like their jobs or can I change this?” Try as I might, there were no other available jobs that I seemed to like. As each year passed, I felt more and more hopeless.  

Finally I pushed myself to start my own practice. At first, my husband was taken aback - another course? Another class? More money to spend?

But like all good, supportive husbands, he wanted me to be happy.   We did work together to advertise my private practice. Ami actually came up with the name “Get INTUIT.” He even went around the neighborhood hanging up flyers for me.  

And I can’t help but continuously parallel the world of Intuitive Eating with Intuitive Living.

I heard someone I trust once say “when you feel unsafe around another person, trust your intuition.” Meaning - if someone makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable, there is usually something unsafe for you about that person. I have seen that hold true time and time again.  

Just like with the job I was pushing myself to like. I think we are all afraid of being the negative Nancy (my husband calls me this sometimes as a joke).

Or coming off as ungrateful. I certainly felt that way. But when you have some sort of inner calling or you try to feel happy in a circumstance but it’s just not working, explore what else is out there.   And what does this have to do with my podcast? Well- I am not exaggerating when I say I have a severe fear of public speaking but the weird thing is that I really don’t have a fear of interviewing people- why you ask?

Because public speaking is a totally different skill than interviewing someone. 

I prefer a question and answer format any day of the week even with no time to prepare because the thought of actually memorizing my thoughts is the scariest thing. I'd rather talk off the cuff and be prompted by a question. And for those clients reading this you know I am all about promoting yourself and how that’s a good thing.    Well anyways, one of my business coaches pointed this out to me and really, from there, the podcast was born. I have had my moments where I have been paralyzed by the fact that so many other podcasters speak of their stats and I am not nearly there but then I remind myself (and my business coach reminds me) that this is not a numbers game. This is about me showing up and teaching those who can find this information useful. As I said, this is a calling. An inner knowing that I am meant to do this. Even if 90% of people will not want to hear the words Intuitive Eating again, I got my 10% who show up each week and gain from the information here.  

So please use this for anything in your life. You want to start a business but you fear the competition.

You fear the failure or the judgment. Remember that that fear is holding you back from living your best life. You don’t need the whole world to agree with you or want your content, even if 1% does, that’s still so many people. Follow your inner knowing. Your intuition. 

  This podcast started with me wanting to educate everyone about intuitive eating. Now, it is so much more. I am not trying to educate everyone. I will not only be speaking about Intuitive Eating. This podcast is about a toolkit. It’s about a roadmap. My roadmap. My stumbling blocks. And My struggles. Who and what has helped me and how to move forward especially when life knocks you down. Sit back and enjoy the ride!   [gravityform id="2" title="true" description="true"]
Gila Glassberg, MS, RDN, CDN, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
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