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Intuitive Eating Course Package : Weeks 1 - 4

Embark on a transformative journey with our Intuitive Eating Course, designed to reshape your relationship with food. Explore mindful nourishment, self-care, self-respect, and food freedom. Learn to tune into your body's signals, cultivate a positive relationship with food, and break free from restrictive diets  By enrolling in the complete course package, you'll benefit from a 15% discount.
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If you purchase each course individually, the total cost is $200. However, by bundling all four courses together, you'll enjoy a 15% discount at $170 and streamline your learning experience with a centralized viewing portal.

  • Learn and implement the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating
  • Unpack our own diet culture
  • Understand our own hunger/fullness cues through the Hunger/Fullness scale
  • Learn which foods TRULY satisfy you on all levels.
  • Learn the fundamentals of physical and emotional self care
  • Identify your own food police and develop other coping skills to deal with your emotions
  • Incorporate gentle nutrition and joyful movement into your daily living through foods and exercises that satisfy you physically and emotionally
  • Learn to appreciate and respect your body not just for how it looks but for how it serves you.
  • Reach a point of feeling peace around food
  • Lets GET INTUIT!

This package includes all four course videos: (They can be watched anytime and in any order and you are not required to watch them on a weekly basis.)

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Learn how toxic diet culture is. Notice the value systems you have absorbed your entire life and learn how to actively change it. Understand why dieting and weight loss is so important to you so you can actually get rid of it from your life 
Understand biological hunger and fullness. Get in touch with your body's natural signs and symptoms of hunger and fullness. Learn to set yourself up for success but observing your body's signals. Lean into the foods that actually satisfy you so you aren't always looking for more. 
Once you are aware of your biological hunger/fullness and satisfaction, you will have the awareness to recognize when you are using food to fill an emotional need. Through the practice of individualized self care, you will begin to realize what actually feels like your needs instead of food. Notice the mean voices in your head that have great negative feelings and behaviors. Learn to challenge them and replace them. Gain other coping strategies that soothe you realize its not food that will fill your emotional void. 
Now that all of that negative baggage from diet culture is gone, we are ready to practice body respect. Explore your favorite forms of joyful movement and acquire actual nutrition knowledge- to help you and not to punish you. After you’ve been through this process- you will be able to face your trigger foods, and make peace with them.